A look at the redesign of Cubify

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A look at the redesign of Cubify

Cubify is platform that makes 3D printing accessible to the masses, it’s the much needed connection between everyday consumers and the wonders of 3D printing. Since 3D printing itself is becoming easier everyday with nifty inventions like the Cube, the bottleneck now is the content. So that’s where Cubify.com comes in, with it’s ready to print content, interactive apps and creative partners. The platform was launched January 10th 2012 with a big bang at the CES in Las Vegas. Since then I’ve been working closely together with our team of platform developers, content creators and app developers to improve the design and usability of Cubify. In this article I’ll cover some of the first improvements made to the platform.

Landing page

The landing page of any website is of incredible value, as it needs to pitch to the visitor what it’s all about, and try to grab their attention in a mather of seconds. When you’re introducing a new platform, with a new machine and new interactive apps & content – this is all but easy. For Cubify’s landing page we decided to focus on presenting the Cube firstly, and secondary are Apps, Partners & Content. Use the slider below to see before and after the redesign.

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Custom Headphones @ DHUB Barcelona

Custom 3D Headphones @ DHUB Barcelona

My graduation work executed at the Eindhoven University of Technology in collaboration with 3D Printing powerhouse Freedom Of Creation was featured as part of the Systems Design Exhibition at DHUB Barcelona.

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Little Printer turns your Digital Life Tangible again

As our lives become more and more digital we seam to get trapped in our screens, be it on our computers, smart phones or tablets. At the same time we’re tracking our digital behavior using all our apps and services, from running to shopping, traveling to friendships – we collect, map and share every bit of our lives digitally. Therefore I sense a growing hunger in people to simply turn some of these things back into stuff we can just grab.

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Going full cirle with 3D printing: Filabot

3D Printing has been around for about 25 years, and like with any new technology it takes a long time before things get interesting for the consumer. Over the past 5 years the pace has picked up with recent developments such as the launch of Cube 3D Printer by 3D Systems, new Makerbot machine, as well as Botmill and Bits from Bytes printers all aimed at hobbyists and nearly consumers. One of the pitfalls for going full circle has been the absence of easy recycling in this world of home printing. With the help of the American Kickstarter program Tyler McNaney is building the very first home filament extruder. Which essentially enables the owner of a 3D printer to recycle old 3D prints as well as all kinds of other left-over products.

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Cubelets, the coolest design toys yet.

I came across these interactive toys, was instantly sold. Where we had Lego growing up, kids these days play with smart phones, tablets and amazing toys like these Cubelets. The company behind the Cubelets is Modular Robotics, a spinoff from Carnegie Mellon University.


About the Cubelets Kit KT06

The KT06 kit (pre-order $160) contains 6 Cubelets that can be snapped together to make a variety of robots with no programming and no wires. You can build robots that drive around on a tabletop, respond to light and other objects, and have surprisingly lifelike behavior. But instead of programming that behavior, you snap the cubelets together and watch the behavior emerge like with a flock of birds or a swarm of bees.

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Digital Hero @ How Do You Do 2011

I was invited to speak on behalf of Freedom Of Creation at How Do You Do 2011. Of course it’s always fun to meet up with other creatives but what makes this event stand out is the fact you can just grab a chair and listen to someone talking about his or her passion. Have a great conversation with a small group of people, exchange thoughts and maybe even start of a nice project.

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Dutch Design Week Trend Book 2011 - Brian Garret Headphones

Cover of Dutch Design Week Trend Book

Curator Zuzanna Skalska approached me in order to use my 3D Printed Headphones as a cover image on the Anniversary edition Dutch Design Week Trend Book.

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Wired Magazine features Headphones in Fetish section

Graduation design work done at Freedom Of Creation was featured in WIRED UK Magazine. WIRED approached me to make a one of custom headphone, featuring the following famous lyrics by Kraftwerk:

“This is the Voice of Energy
I am a giant electrical generator
I supply you with light and power
And I enable you to receive speech,
Music and Image through the Ether”

For more information on the project read on here, or get in touch.


WeTransfer.com showcases Brian Garret Headphones

Worlds first 3D printed customizable headphones were featured on the classy file transfer website WeTransfer.com.

WeTransfer is a free platform in transferring large digital files up to 2GB per transfer. They can transfer any type of file – such as presentations, photos, videos, music, documents and more.


Despoke interview: My3 favourite design objects

, an UK design blog approached me for an interview as well as sharing my 3 favorite designs, so here it goes:

No. 1 Freedom Of Creation’s Electric Tigerland Shoe campaign for Onitsuka Tiger, a marvelous application of Rapid Manufacturing for the advertising industry. This shoe was 3D Printed and customized to fit each of the Onitsuka Tiger retail locations.

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