Digital Hero @ How Do You Do 2011

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Digital Hero @ How Do You Do 2011

I was invited to speak on behalf of Freedom Of Creation at How Do You Do 2011. Of course it’s always fun to meet up with other creatives but what makes this event stand out is the fact you can just grab a chair and listen to someone talking about his or her passion. Have a great conversation with a small group of people, exchange thoughts and maybe even start of a nice project.

How Do You Do 2011

Over 500 visitors, 50 digital heroes, 90 sessions on the most innovative projects and a sparkling finale. How Do You Do 2011 was a successful meeting and an inspiring day of sharing ideas at the STRP Festival in Eindhoven. How do you do 2011 was brought to you by Virtueel Platform.

Grab a chair and join us for How do you do, a day for, by and with top digital creatives. Get acquainted with the know-how of successful developers, artists and game and media developers in an informal setting. Choose from a wide range of experts who can offer a unique insight in their ‘making of’, showcasing awesomest-practices in Mobile, Art, Experimental, Gaming, Design, Web, Hybrid, Hacking and more.

More about How Do You Do 2011 here.

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