A look at the redesign of Cubify

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A look at the redesign of Cubify

Cubify is platform that makes 3D printing accessible to the masses, it’s the much needed connection between everyday consumers and the wonders of 3D printing. Since 3D printing itself is becoming easier everyday with nifty inventions like the Cube, the bottleneck now is the content. So that’s where Cubify.com comes in, with it’s ready to print content, interactive apps and creative partners. The platform was launched January 10th 2012 with a big bang at the CES in Las Vegas. Since then I’ve been working closely together with our team of platform developers, content creators and app developers to improve the design and usability of Cubify. In this article I’ll cover some of the first improvements made to the platform.

Landing page

The landing page of any website is of incredible value, as it needs to pitch to the visitor what it’s all about, and try to grab their attention in a mather of seconds. When you’re introducing a new platform, with a new machine and new interactive apps & content – this is all but easy. For Cubify’s landing page we decided to focus on presenting the Cube firstly, and secondary are Apps, Partners & Content. Use the slider below to see before and after the redesign.

Cube page

Since we focus most on pushing the Cube on the Cubify website the next page that needed a lot of work was the Cube page itself. The 3D printer industry is only recently moving towards consumers, so any printer you find online looks incredibly geeky and is presented in a very technical way. With the Cube I decided to take a different approach, we identified the 6 main features and in a very friendly & visual way presented them on the page.

See the full size visual here | See the live page

Creation Store

Another big design change was implemented on the Store side of Cubify. At the initial launch there were very many borders, frames in frames and other clutter distracting the user from the actual content. In the redesign I focused on getting as much of that out the way, while keeping all the necessary information in the thumbnail, but only visible on hovering over it with your mouse.

See the full size visual here | See the live page


Cubify is built with state of the art CSS, HTML, JQuery Magic, while designing Cubify we learned some lessons from the Twitter bootstrap, a great starting point for any web 2.0 website.

See for yourself

Work continues everyday, the list of upcoming features for Cubify hardly has and end to it, so by the time you are reading this the platform might already look different & have new features, it’s exciting right?

Have a look at www.cubify.com and snitch away an account while you’re at it

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