Custom 3D Headphones @ DHUB Barcelona

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Custom Headphones @ DHUB Barcelona

Custom 3D Headphones @ DHUB Barcelona

My graduation work executed at the Eindhoven University of Technology in collaboration with 3D Printing powerhouse Freedom Of Creation was featured as part of the Systems Design Exhibition at DHUB Barcelona.

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About The Eindhoven School

Disseny Hub Barcelona presents Systems Design – The Eindhoven School, set within the framework of the Interaction Laboratory programme of activities and, specifically, I / O / I. The Senses of Machines. This exhibition is based on projects by the Designing Quality in Interaction (DQI) group, who combine research, education and industry from a special perspective of design and its evolution.

This new event is linked to the exhibition, the ulm school, currently running at DHUB, in that it also prompts reflection on the development of systems design. In the case of the Eindhoven group, it is meshed with interactive elements.

The mission of the group is to portray the world as it might be, and to convey how industrial designers alter their perspective in terms of the design challenge. The future of design is uncertain because the designer’s responsibilities are changing. Previously, they centred on form and production but, when design products varied, so too did design. Now, with interactive products, a designer has to consider not only form but the temporal aspect of interaction and product behaviour; even the quirks of its functionality. Once the challenge of integrating form, interaction and function into design is understood, the next challenge is systems design.

To design such systems, the Eindhoven group advocates an experientially-based focus; that is, the experience of living with these systems as they design them, enabling them to make value judgements on the means required to achieve the desired results. In other words, the uncertainty of the method, and the complex nature of systems, calls for an approach to design research in which practice is used as the mechanism for understanding the process at hand, based on the relevant theory and a vision of what needs to be achieved.

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