Little Printer turns your Digital Life Tangible again

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Little Printer turns your Digital Life Tangible again

As our lives become more and more digital we seam to get trapped in our screens, be it on our computers, smart phones or tablets. At the same time we’re tracking our digital behavior using all our apps and services, from running to shopping, traveling to friendships – we collect, map and share every bit of our lives digitally. Therefore I sense a growing hunger in people to simply turn some of these things back into stuff we can just grab.

The latest beautiful example of this trend the Little Printer designed by Berg.

So what is it exactly?

Little Printer is a palm-sized, cube-shaped, cloud-powered thermal printer with an adorable pair of feet and a cute face.

And what does it print?

A personalized mini-newspaper–with content curated from partners like The Guardian, social media like Foursquare and Facebook, as well as stuff created by BERG itself–and output on a receipt-like paper strip no longer than 10 inches. “Each information source we think of as a personalised ‘publication’ that you subscribe to from a kind of ‘app store for paper,’ collated into a delivery that arrives at a chosen time,” Webb tells Co.Design. You “feed” Little Printer by selecting content via a remote-control-esque smartphone app, and then get your mini-newspaper delivered “once or twice a day.” Think of it like Flipboard, but without the screen.

Read all about and pre-order here.

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