Cover of Dutch Design Week Trend Book

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Dutch Design Week Trend Book 2011 - Brian Garret Headphones

Cover of Dutch Design Week Trend Book

Curator Zuzanna Skalska approached me in order to use my 3D Printed Headphones as a cover image on the Anniversary edition Dutch Design Week Trend Book.

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Wired Magazine features Headphones in Fetish section

Graduation design work done at Freedom Of Creation was featured in WIRED UK Magazine. WIRED approached me to make a one of custom headphone, featuring the following famous lyrics by Kraftwerk:

“This is the Voice of Energy
I am a giant electrical generator
I supply you with light and power
And I enable you to receive speech,
Music and Image through the Ether”

For more information on the project read on here, or get in touch.

Headphones-08 showcases Brian Garret Headphones

Worlds first 3D printed customizable headphones were featured on the classy file transfer website

WeTransfer is a free platform in transferring large digital files up to 2GB per transfer. They can transfer any type of file – such as presentations, photos, videos, music, documents and more.


Despoke interview: My3 favourite design objects

, an UK design blog approached me for an interview as well as sharing my 3 favorite designs, so here it goes:

No. 1 Freedom Of Creation’s Electric Tigerland Shoe campaign for Onitsuka Tiger, a marvelous application of Rapid Manufacturing for the advertising industry. This shoe was 3D Printed and customized to fit each of the Onitsuka Tiger retail locations.

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