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From the moment I first discovered Kickstarter I wanted to be part of this social funding platform.
I choose to work with Freedom Of Creation & Fresh Fiber, so the realization of the project would be more easy to handle, thinking of things like production, logistics, platform, reach and designs.

Being an advocate of Customization myself for already a few years, it made perfect sense to combine 3D printing and customization in this project. It turned out that it’s not easy to find a customizable product that is 3D printable, appeals to the masses and asks for customization.

To tackle the first of those three requirements I choose to offer an existing accessory for iPads, the 3D printed iPad case. For the customization of this product I focused mainly at making the case more personal, so adding things like, texts, logo’s and icons in 3D. Finally Kickstarter asks for different tiers of backing for your project, we choose to go with a series of 7 different amounts. This meant coming up with a different reward for each amount (see the details below).

Looking back at the project we raised a total of $5.255 in 30 days, we didn’t meet our set goal of $20.000. The main reason for this was the complexity of the project, there’s too much newness for people to understand instantly. There was 3D printing, customization, a multifunctional iPad case and a bunch of extra awards for each of the pledges.

When it comes to customization these are few of my findings in order of importance:
– simplicity is key (k.i.s.s.)
– customization itself is not a product
– customization should add value
– customization will happen online
– customization is the future of 3D printing
– users don’t want online CAD (see #1)

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